The Proposal

Located between Brynna and Hendreforgan in South Wales, the Mynydd Portref wind farm is proposed to consist of seven wind turbines measuring up to 110m to the blade tips.

The project will make a contribution to the UK's target of 15% of energy coming from renewable sources and the Welsh Government's target of 7TWh being produced annually by 2020.

The proposed wind farm will also include access tracks, underground cabling, control building and substation plus a temporary construction compound and crane hard-standings. All the land around the wind turbines and substation buildings will remain available for farming activities, meaning most of the wind farm land remains in agricultural production.

After 25 years, the wind farm and all infrastructure would be decommissioned and the land restored entirely to its former appearance.

Whenever we develop a new project REG Windpower always looks to ensure that the local community shares the financial benefits of having a wind farm in the area. We propose to set aside £5,000 per MW installed per year the turbines are up and running to pay into a Community Benefit Fund. We believe that local people should decide how this money is spent so we would love to hear your ideas for local projects that the fund could support.

A planning application has now been submitted for Mynydd Portref Wind Farm - with the number of turbines reduced from 8 to 7 following consultation.

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